21-day lockdown – Day 6 – Finding a place to sit

21-day lockdown – Day 6 – Finding a place to sit

At this stage in the lockdown, you may be needing some fresh air and a break from being cooped up indoors. Hopefully, by this stage, you’ve carried out all the outstanding chores and have some time to relax. Let’s venture into the garden and consider some seating options to make your escape more comfortable.

When furnishing a home, it’s standard to provide some form of seating in each room. But we often overlook the concept of extending our living spaces to the outdoors. In many instances, the garden is viewed as a place of work, where tasks such as mowing the lawn, weeding and cleaning the pool are carried out. Once the work is done we rarely sit in our gardens, instead choosing to look at them from afar, as if they’re a picture hanging on the wall and not the sanctuaries they could be.

With our moderate climate in most areas of South Africa, we can use our outdoor spaces for most months of the year, so why not view your garden as an extension of your home? Your garden can have a range of furnishings to suit your needs, so let’s take a look at some of these.

In order to decide on your choice of seating, consider the functional ways in which you’ll be using this extra space, and select appropriate furnishings for those purposes. Examples of seating options include: 

  • A firepit and seating area: this is fantastic for entertainment and creating a bushveld-like escape
  • A pod or recliner: this may suit your needs if you’d like to venture into your garden alone for some relaxation
  • Deck chairs: this may be suitable for lounging close to the pool
  • A bench: to create a pause area or take in a view

A design can help you plan how to use a particular space for seating

At this time, we can’t rush out to purchase some outdoor seating, but we can view our space and consider the possibilities. However, you can add some variety during lockdown by laying a picnic blanket out in the garden to dine al fresco, or even just laze with a book. Doing so now might help you envisage where you’d like your new seating area to be, and what type of seating you might want to have.

So instead of abandoning your precious garden space for only your pets or wildlife to enjoy, venture outdoors, find a seating area in your garden, and relish the sights and sounds of nature around you.