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Design pricing

Planning your garden is as important as the finishing touches, which is why we sit down and plan your project before we come on site for the installation. A design allows us to accurately calculate and cost the materials that will be going into your garden (both plants and hard-landscaping), and provides our installation team with an accurate template to work from. Click here to find out more about why we do designs.

Our design packages start from: 

* projects are quoted for based on the size and complexity of the garden

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Installation costing

The cost of a garden installation varies depending on the requirements you have for your garden. It is based on the size of the area you want landscaped, the initial size of the plants, the planting density, and the additional elements you would like, such as edging, paving, building, irrigation, rain water harvesting, lighting, planters, and ponds or water features. The cost of each of these also varies based on their material makeup. Vegetable planters, for example, could be custom built with stock bricks and plaster, or they could be made from treated wood or recycled plastic. Irrigation costings can vary based on the quality of the pipe (HDPE vs LDPE) and associated fittings, and edging costs can vary depending on whether we use dump rock or flagstone cobbles cemented into place. Additionally, some gardens may need clean-ups, tree felling, or significant debris removal before the ground can be prepared and the garden installed. The most accurate way to cost your garden therefore is for us to first meet with you and discuss your requirements, undertake a site assessment, complete a design, and put together an itemised costing. However, for budgeting purposes, you may still want to get a rough estimate of what your garden might cost, so to do this you can use one of two methods:

Method 1: 5-10% of your property value

This method is a very rough gauge, but it can be useful if you are building a new home and are wanting to budget for your garden. Generally – and historically this has been fairly accurate – a budget of 5-10% of the value of your home will give you a rough estimate of what you should budget for your garden. So if you have purchased a R1million home, you should look to budget between R50000 – R100000 for the garden. Unfortunately this method does not take into account the actual size of your garden in relation to your house, and some large homes may only have very small garden spaces to work with. Use it as a really rough guide, and compare it to method 2 below.

Method 2: R600-R900 per square metre (excluding additional elements)

For most gardens, one can estimate the installation cost by calculating based on rands per square metre. Note that it is important to exclude high-cost items when using this calculation, as elements such as building work, water features, and irrigation can significantly increase the overall cost of the project. But in general terms, a professionally landscaped garden, with a well designed layout of plants, edging and lawn, will cost between R600 – R900 per square metre of landscaped area. This covers the preparation of the ground – debris removal/compost/fertiliser/mulch etc., plants per square metre, and the labour, delivery, and project management costs to install the garden. Once you’ve calculated this you can then start including the additional features mentioned above, all of which should be itemised accordingly. Fortunately – thanks to Google – it is much easier these days to calculate the square meterage of your garden (especially for irregularly shaped gardens), so if you are wanting to use this method for budgeting purposes browse to Google maps and use their measurement tool on your garden space.

And finally, please don’t hold us to the above estimates! Once in a while we quote for gardens as low as R450/sqm, whilst at other times the quote is as high as R2000/sqm – because the client requires everything mentioned above. Use these figures as a guide, and contact us for an accurate costing and design.

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