STARBUCKS Rosebank / Landscaping/show garden in Rosebank

Grounded Landscaping is proud to be the preferred landscape contractor for the planter gardens at the new Starbucks coffee shop, in Rosebank.

Our first task for the installation involved a 2D design and proposal, which included both the planting and drip irrigation system. Once the plan had been approved, and the project had begun, we set about preparing the boxes with aggregate and a 50/50 compost topsoil mix. Once this had been prepared, the drip irrigation could be laid, which included amongst other things a pressure reducing valve to ensure low pressure (2.5 bar) to the system. Next we began the planting, which included a variety of succulent species, including indigenous aloe species. The final step was a generous layering of slate chips, which not only added to the aesthetics of the Starbucks coffee shop, but also doubled as mulch to help protect the soil and maintain a healthy living environment for the plants.

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