BOSSHART Residence / Parkhurst Landscaping / Vegetable garden and seating area

Our client in Parkhurst, Sandton required the makeover of her backyard in which she grew vegetables. The area had become overgrown with weeds, and the paving and retaining walls had begun to crack. Her vision was to have an area that could be used as a combined seating area and vegetable garden. We began by creating a concept design for her, based on her requirements, with the idea to formalise the vegetable area by using edging and by building vegetable boxes.

We began the installation by removing all the old material from the site which invluded old/hidden foundations, bricks, and rocks. We then layed new foundations for the vegetable boxes, and began paving the walkways and steps. We prepared the beds with a mix of compost and organic fertilisers. As per our client’s requirements we utilised a mix of pavers and pebbles to create the seating area. Once the hard-landscaping and soil preparation had been completed, it was time for planting, which included, amongst others, a formal lavender hedge to further define the area. Our client now has a new ‘room’ to her home, a seating area where she entertains guests and harvests vegetables and herbs.

Featured in Home Owner magazine, May 2015
Featured in Home Owner magazine, May 2015

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