Indigenous Cut Flowers

There is something deeply satisfying about picking flowers from your garden for an indoor arrangement. Typically, we view indigenous flowers as wild and unsuitable. There are, however, some wonderful long-lasting species. Most gardens are a florist’s treasure. You don’t necessarily have to find perfectly straight and long stemmed flowers. Consider the benefit of using foliage in different colours, textures or that can offer a pleasant fragrance.

Some indigenous plants to use as cut flowers:



Kniphofia praecox


To make cut flowers last:

  • Take a bucket into the cutting garden with you and place cut flower stems in water immediately
  • Cut flowers with a sharp knife or clipper in the early morning when they are fresh and before the bees join you
  • Remove leaves that will be below the surface of the water in the vase, as well as any excess leaves above water level that will compete with the flowers for water
  • Cut off and use the side stems in smaller arrangement
  • Leave prepared flowers in a bucket of water in a cool place for a couple of hours, preferably overnight, before arrangin
  • Seal cut ends of plants with milky sap in boiling water or hold over a flame for a few seconds
  • Crush the bottom 2cm of woody stems and branches to encourage maximum water intake
  • Cutting stems underwater can sometimes revive wilted flowers