Hiring a landscaper VS DIY

Hiring a landscaper to create your garden is much like hiring a builder to build your home. You might have the resources to do it on your own, but you can save time and costs by hiring a team.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a landscaper, vs the benefits of doing it on your own:

Benefits of hiring a landscaper:

  • Experience/Knowledge
    Whether you’re creating a new garden, or remodelling an old one, a landscaper uses his or her experience to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. Whilst it is important to match the hard design elements to your requirements (and to the look and feel of your home), it is also vital to ensure you are selecting the correct plant material. Knowledge of plant characteristics can prevent plant loss within the first few seasons due to incorrect planting methods, positioning or conditions, and can help avoid costly expenses in later years such as having to repair damage from an aggressive root system.
  • Sourcing of quality products at cost effective prices
    Landscapers have relationships with a wide range of suppliers in the industry, and this can be very beneficial when it comes to costs and quality. In most cases, a landscaper sources products in bulk and at wholesale prices – and with supplier relationship discounts – savings which they pass on to you. For large projects where transport must be taken into account, bulk purchases can significantly reduce your overall costs. Most importantly is the flexibility of a landscaper to source plants from multiple suppliers in order to ensure that the quality remains high. We frequently shop around for our clients, and it is not unusual for us to utilise up to three or four plant suppliers for a single project.
  • Skills
    Projects which include hard landscaping (i.e. paving, building, decking, etc.), require the use of an experienced team, and require attention to detail by the project manager to ensure that they are installed correctly. When it comes to plants, we work to ensure that each and every plant is placed and planted correctly, as well as passing on knowledge to you on how to maintain and protect specific plants.
  • Landscaping guidelines and keeping abreast of modern trends
    Landscapers are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and will be able to advise you on new ideas that may be beneficial to your home. In addition, many new complexes and estates require the home owner to follow a set of landscaping guidelines, often incorporating the use indigenous plant material. A landscaper follows these guidelines to ensure the garden conforms to the requirements. Another factor to consider (with regards to modern trends) is whether or not you are enhancing the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your property then using a professional team to work on your garden can make a big impact when it comes to the resale value – it’s something we frequently see when a client reports back to us on the sale of their property.

When to DIY:

  • It’s a small job, with little or no hard landscaping
    If you have a small garden, or a corner of your home that needs a garden, then a DIY job can be very rewarding. Start by gathering ideas from books, magazines or the internet, and then design and install the garden yourself or with the help of family members. Smaller projects may also mean you only have to make a small number of trips to nurseries and other outlets to gather the material you need.
  • You have a professional design, but you want to do it yourself
    Some home owners hire a landscaper to create a design for them (which should include a plant list and bill of quantities), and then follow the design to do the installation themselves. This can be rewarding, not only for the home owner, but for the entire family as well.
  • You love gardening, and have no time constraints
    If you love gardening, then you’ll love being outdoors every day working on a new section of your garden. Working on your garden in stages like this will take longer, but it is an enjoyable hobby, and you’ll be able to say you created it yourself!