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Grounded Landscaping assists corporates to install food gardens, parks and school playgrounds as part of their CSI projects.


Hlakanipani Primary School – Edcon CSI project

Grounded Landscaping created a school playground as part of an Edcon CSI project.
The playground was completed over a period of four weeks and included the following:

  • removal of an existing rubbish dump
  • repositioning of existing boulders
  • ground preparation for beds and lawn
  • creation of play areas and mounds
  • the planting of large trees and indigenous plants
  • refurbishment of old playground equipment
  • building of a new sandpit
  • creation of obstacles and tyre structures
  • installation of seating areas and bins


Here are images from the project:

The original site, a hazardous rubbish dumpThe original site, a hazardous rubbish dump

Repositioning of the existing bouldersRepositioning of the existing boulders

The landscaped groundThe site ready for composting and fertilising

Refurbishing of the jungle-gymRefurbishing the jungle-gym

Creating and painting of a tyre-dragonPainting of the tyre-dragon

Tyre-obstaclePainting of the tyre-obstacle

Painting of the tyre-theatrePainting of the tyre-theatre

Completed tyre-dragonCompleted tyre-dragon

Completed tyre-obstacleCompleted tyre-obstacle

Completed tyre-theatreCompleted tyre-theatre


Completed gardenCompleted garden

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