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We are an award-winning Johannesburg-based landscaping and garden design company, specialising in indigenous gardens.

We implement modern design concepts using indigenous plant material which will serve to attract wildlife to your garden, help sustain the vast variety of South Africa’s flora, and provide a sensory appealing garden for you to enjoy. Our service offering includes 2D & 3D designs, full landscaping installations, garden makeovers, seasonal maintenance, CSI projects, and irrigation installed to LIA standards. Our gardens feature in magazines and online media, and we are contributors to African Birdlife and Property24.com.

Our corporate clients include Claassen Auret, Edcon, DHL, Clover SA and Starbucks.

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We have done extensive renovating and building in the past and I can honestly say that Grounded Landscaping provided us with by far the most professional and knowledgeable service yet. It’s easily apparent that Ryan and Glenice are passionate about what they do and this translates into a beautiful and considered final product. We love our garden renovation and the fire pit. The team working with Ryan was courteous, polite and hardworking. Ryan was on site all the time (unheard of with most jobs) and was always obliging and happy to help and give advice. This is a wonderful group of people who we couldn’t recommend more highly.

– Andrew & Melanie Barrow, Woodmead




Glenice, Ryan and the team from Grounded Landscaping have been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Bearing in mind we are in the middle of a game reserve and so far away from Johannesburg, the planning and execution has been exemplary. In the seven days they were with us Glenice and Ryan were completely hands on, always available and totally involved with this large project. Everyone on the team was completely professional and friendly and it was a wonderful way for our staff and ourselves to learn so much with this hands on approach. Nothing was too much trouble and it was a project that had a “feel good“ effect. Our guests have been delighted with the result and we are doubly thrilled that due to this project we are saving 22 500 litres of water a week. Sincere thanks.

– Gordon & Sue Morrison, The Bush House, Madikwe Game Reserve

Read more about The Bush House project here
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Our designs

Grounded Landscaping uses professional 2D & 3D software to help you gain a complete picture of what your future garden will look like. We work to ensure your design is not only beautiful and practical, but worthy of a place in print magazines or online media. Visit our Portfolio section to view our latest 2D & 3D designs.

Indigenous, water-wise & wildlife-friendly gardens

We specialise in indigenous, low-maintenance gardens that will attract wildlife to your garden and enhance the biodiversity of your area. Our gardens are planned to ensure correct structure, plant selection and placement, and we love returning to our clients gardens after a season or two to see how they’ve progressed. Your garden is your personal outdoor space, so let us make it aesthetically pleasing and practical, not only for you, but for the local fauna as well. Visit our plantbook to see a selection of the beautiful indigenous species we can use in your garden.

Indigenous and wildlife-friendly

Firepits and outdoor entertainment areas

Our award-winning firepits and seating areas have featured in numerous magazines and online publications. No matter how big or small your garden space, we can transform it into an outdoor area you can be proud of. Entertaining, braaing and relaxation need not be done indoors or under a patio. Let us transform a section of your garden into a welcoming space for you, your family and friends.

Firepits and seating areas

Garden lighting

Garden lighting makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your garden in the evenings or at night. We have extensive experience in the placement and installation of garden lights, and use the latest technologies to save you electricity costs. Depending on your requirements we can install day-night sensors, LED fittings, and remote control systems.


Water features

We design and install custom-built water features, or install pre-cast water features in your garden, depending on your requirements.

Waterfeature and Planterbox

Food & vegetable gardens

We pride ourselves on building food and vegetable gardens that suit your lifestyle and fit within the theme of your home. We’ll incorporate your food garden into a new design, or build a new one for you in an existing space in your garden.


We have a team dedicated to the installation of irrigation systems. Our team is trained by the LIA (Landscape Irrigation Association) and we install our systems by following best practices. We use the latest technologies and are up to speed with the latest trends in the industry. Here are some of the advantages of using us for your irrigation installation:

  • We follow best practices as set out by the LIA
  • Where possible, we trench pipes to a minimum of 400mm beneath the ground
  • We use irrigation specific cabling between your stations and the controller
  • We apply head-to-head principles in our designs
  • We use the latest water saving technologies
  • We have extensive experience with plants and understand the various plant types and their watering requirements. Visit www.plantbook.co.za for more information


Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water is free, and if captured can be stored and used to water your garden when needed. We install our rain water filters, pipes, tanks and pumps by following best practices, and we use the latest rain water harvesting technologies to ensure your system runs smoothly. If you are using your rain water for irrigation we’ll design an integrated and fully automated solution for your home.

rainwater harvesting

Playgrounds and play areas

We install custom-built play areas for our client’s gardens, and build school playgrounds and parks as CSI projects. Encourage your kids to play outdoors and enjoy your garden by incorporating a landscaped play area into it. We also use the latest artificial grass technology – materials designed specifically for childrens play areas.

Play areas

Seasonal maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is a service we provide to existing clients to prepare their gardens for a new season. It typically involves the addition of compost, organic fertilisers and mulch, trimming and pruning of plants that may require it, weeding of lawns and beds, and maintenance of the irrigation or water storage systems. If our clients have hard-landscaping elements these can be enhanced through cleaning and sealing. Most of our clients find that they can maintain their gardens weekly with a gardener or maintenance service, but require seasonal maintenance for more intense gardening tasks. Our seasonal maintenance service covers this requirement and helps to ensure that our client’s gardens continue to flourish long after the original installation.

seasonal maintenance

How we work

Before setting out on your garden project we first meet with you at home or on site to ascertain your needs and the vision you have for your garden. We then take measurements of your existing garden or site, photograph the area, and go through your estate’s landscaping guidelines to ensure our design conforms to the requirements. If your site plans are available then we match these to the measurements we have taken and utilise them in your design.

Here is an example of our process flow, from our first meeting with you, through to design, costing, installation, and completion of the garden:

  • First meeting
    We meet with you on site to ascertain your requirements, take measurements and photographs, and attain a copy of your site plans.
  • Design and costing
    A creative process involving the development of a design based upon our discussions with you, the measurements and photographs we have taken, and your estate’s landscaping guidelines. Once our design is complete (about 1-2 weeks) we present it to you and discuss the layout, costing, plants, hard-landscaping elements and any changes you require.
  • Installation & post-installation walk-through
    Under the supervision of Glenice Ebedes we take over your garden to transform it into the vision you have. Most gardens can be completed in 1-4 weeks, whilst very small gardens may take only a day or two. Larger projects which require the use of earth moving equipment may take up to 6 weeks or more. After completion we walk you through your completed garden to discuss the plants, maintenance, the irrigation system, and any questions you have.
  • Seasonal maintenance
    We find that most home owners can take care of their new gardens on their own, but require assistance when it comes to seasonal maintenance. We provide a seasonal service to assist with the fertilising, composting and mulching of your beds, as well as any general gardening tasks that may be required.

Read more about our Process flow

Our service

At Grounded we strive to provide a personalised service. We use quality products and have an experienced team. Our relationships with a number of suppliers allows us to save you costs and to deliver the high standard we want to be known for. We exercise complete transparency in our pricing so you’ll know exactly what has gone into your garden.

For design-only solutions we come to your home and measure and photograph your garden, then supply a 3D video or 2D top-down which you can use to implement in your own time.

Visit our portfolio, our FAQ’s, our plantbook website, and our DIY sections to read more about us or landscaping with indigenous plants – and contact us at designs@groundedlandscaping.co.za to arrange a consultation.

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